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Team Lovato Performs Well in Dallas, TX…

This past weekend Team Lovato went to Dallas, TX for the Neweza Fight’s brazilian jiu itsu and submission wrestling tournament. They were able to snatch up many medals, and got great results. Robert Harper, Gabe Campbell, Shiloh Roberts, Jesse Sunderman, Dallas Niles, Jared Dopp and Robert Bebout along with assistant instructor/professor Justin Rader represented Team Lovato won the overall adult division team trophy. They were also able to win adult brazilian jiu jitsu and adult nogi division trophies. Team Lovato performed well with only 7 competitors.

*Dallas Niles – 3rd place blue belt super-heavyweight gi, 3rd place blue belt gi absolute, 1st place no-gi (closed out with teammate), 2nd place no-gi absolute ( closed out with teammate)

*Shiloh Roberts – 2nd place purple belt middleweight gi (closed out with teammate), 3rd place purple belt gi absolute

*Jesse Sunderman – 1st place purple belt middleweight gi (closed out with teammate), 3rd place purple belt gi absolute

*Robert Harper – 1st place brown belt middleweight gi, 3rd place brown belt gi absolute

*Gabe Campbell – 1st place brown belt super-heavyweight gi, 2nd place brown belt absolute

*Robert Bebout – 3rd place blue belt middle-heavyweight gi

Team Lovato will also be competing at a upcoming tournament in Dallas, TX. This will be held on August 13th at the Dallas convention center is the Europa Fight World Championships. Many from Team Lovato have already signed up for it, so go ahead and make your plans to compete at this tournament and have a great time with your Team Lovato teammates.

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Congratulations to Team Lovato on doing great in Dallas this weekend!