Children’s Martial Arts Program in OKC| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK

Children’s martial arts program in OKC…   Summer is starting to pass and with the school year coming, there will be a need of after school activities. Your child will start there school shopping soon.  Of course they will need there school supplies and learn at school, but you’ll need them to do something productive [...]


Children’s Martial Arts | FREE 30 DAY TRIAL | Lovato’s Jr Warriors

Children’s Martial Arts Oklahoma City Children’s Martial Arts In today’s society children have to deal with a lot more than kids of the past.  The children of today are confronted with many adult issues at a much younger age.  One of the main issues in today’s society is bullying.  One of the ways to combat [...]


Dealing with Bully’s | FREE 30 Day TRIAL | Lovato Jiu Jitsu

A bully can be a kid’s worst nightmare Dealing with a Bully When growing up kids have many things to worry about and a classmate should not be one of them.  Being picked on because one is  short, fat, skinny, blonde, red-headed, smart, slow or just different.  No one deserves to be picked on as [...]