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Rafael Lovato Jr’s App is NOW Available

Taken from Combs’ Blog: It is here!  Sweet! This much anticipated iTunes app (iPod, iPhone, iPad) was released by the Apple store last night.  As soon as I found out it was available I snatched it up (insert ‘Snatchin Yo People Up’ joke here).  Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.  Let’s start from the beginning. [...]

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Rafael Lovato Jr performing the UFC 123 Submission of the Night

From Oklahoma Martial Artist Rafael Lovato Jr’s blog. Less than two weeks ago was UFC 123 Rampage vs Machida, and if you watched it, you got to see Phil Davis, a.k.a “Mr. Wonderful”, earn another nickname, “The One Arm Bandit,” as he performed a submission never seen before in the UFC. It was a Kimura [...]