OKC BJJ on Local News| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK| Edmond| Norman

OKC BJJ on Local News… Lately, mixed martial arts has exploded in the Oklahoma area. Local events have been held around the metro area of the state. Oklahoma City Fox news wanted to inquire about MMA and how it has become very popular. They went straight to an OKC BJJ academy and interviewed World OKC [...]


OKC Jiu Jitsu Fighters on Budovideos| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato

OKC Jiu Jitsu Fighters on Budovideos… OKC Jiu Jitsu instructors, Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader, have been getting ready for their ADCC submission wrestling fights in Nottingham, England this weekend. Xande Ribeiro and Oregon Jiu Jitsu instructor James Puopolo will be heading with them to ADCC. The OKC Jiu Jitsu grapplers have trained hard [...]


OKC MMA Fighter at Bellator 50| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK

OKC MMA fighter Jared Hess at Bellator 50… Team Lovato OKC MMA fighter and Bellator middleweight, Jared Hess will be fighting this saturday at Bellator 50 in the 8 man Bellator middleweight tournament for a shot to dethrone the current champion Hector Lombard. Jared Hess is an incredibly powerful wrestler who is used to overwhelming [...]


OKC BJJ Grappler Lovato Jr. Interview| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK

OKC BJJ grappler Lovato Jr. interview…. OKC BJJ grappler, Rafael Lovato, had an interview with ElectricOceans. Rafael Lovato Jr., has accomplished what no American has ever done and won every major Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament in one year, the European Championships, Brazilian National Championships, Pan American Championships and World Championships. He is the current and only [...]


Team Lovato 2011 Mundial Highlight| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK

OKC BJJ Team Lovato 2011 Mundial Highlight… Team Lovato left the World Championships with 3 medals and having won more than 30 matches in the toughest BJJ tournament on the planet. Several members of Team Lovato lost just short of the medal rounds, but still had great performances in their divisions. With over 2800 competitors, [...]


OKC BJJ Rafael Lovato Jr.’s Seminar After ADCC| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK

OKC BJJ Rafael Lovato Jr.’s Seminar after ADCC…. One of the top United States and OKC BJJ Competitors, Rafael Lovato Jr. is heading to Dublin, Ireland for a seminar! In this seminar, Rafael will show top quality techniques and strategies that have made him a multiple time world champion to take gold in the prestigious Mundial world [...]


OKC BJJ Belt Promotions| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK

OKC BJJ belt promotions…   This past weekend at Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA, several OKC BJJ students tested for their next belt or stripes. Everyone displayed great techniques and performed well. Those that went for their blue belts did awesome as well. Professor Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader are proud [...]


Team Lovato OKC Jiu Jitsu wins 17 medals| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OKC

OKC jiu jitsu was displayed at Dallas, TX this weekend. Team Lovato sent 17 adult competitors with 2 children for the Fight To Win Europa Show Grappling Tournament. 17 adult competitors of Team Lovato showed what OKC jiu jitsu was all about. They took home 17 medals. They displayed excellent brazilian jiu jitsu and nogi [...]


Children’s Martial Arts Program in OKC| 30 Day Free Trial| Team Lovato OK

Children’s martial arts program in OKC…   Summer is starting to pass and with the school year coming, there will be a need of after school activities. Your child will start there school shopping soon.  Of course they will need there school supplies and learn at school, but you’ll need them to do something productive [...]